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 The Destroyer War Results – Week 1 

February 27, 2011, by Legion

The results from the first Week of the Kotei are in!

  • Kudo will be overrun by the destroyers, even as Moshi Hinome tries to the defend it. As a result, the Lion will see a former hero elevated as a minor fortune in the future.
  • Shutai will be defended for now, by the combined forces of no others than Shosuro Jimen and Kakita Noritoshi?
  • The Western Works Village status hangs in the balance. Should the Story Team allow the Barcelona Kotei winner to repeat the Atlanta choice, the city will fall in exchange of a Crane elevated as a minor fortune, otherwise, the Village will be defended by Kakita Hideo. In either case, The Sensei will be… defending Crane lands?

Track the Destroyer’s Advance at the Legion of the Coqui Unofficial Destroyer War page!

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