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[Celestial Celebration Weekend:] Registration Available 

October 31, 2011, by Legion

The Registration for our Celestial Celebration Weekend is now Available. Head on to the Registration Page and let us know which events you are going to attend! There is no need to pay now (but you can if you want); but providing us your information would help us in providing you with the best possible experience.

As a Reminder, On Friday, November 11th, we will be having a Special Modified Suicide (which will be Free of charge). Spaces are limited, so register soon.

Saturday will see the Name-A-Holding CCG Event; which will allow the winner to help shape the L5R world by selecting the name of a card that will appear in a future expansion!

On Sunday, we will be having a special RPG Session, using the L5R 4E Rules. There will be prizes!

So, register now, and com share with us the end of Celestial Edition and the beginning of the countdown towards Emperor Edition and the Expansion of the Emerald Empire!

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