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[Legion of the Coqui Exclusive] The Coming Storm Previews 

April 26, 2014, by Legion

Once again, we thank Seth and the AEG Team for giving us the chance to hosting 2 The Coming Storm Previews: Personal Guard and The Eternal Chase.

Personal Guard

Personal Guard

Personal Guard
Force: 1

This Follower has a Force Bonus equal to this Personality’s Personal Honor

“My personal guard insists that I should take your life.” Hachiro smiled at Karachu. “But that would be too merciful, I think.”

Focus Value: 4

Uncommon; 84 of 156

The Eternal Chase

The Eternal Chase

The Eternal Chase

Iaijutsu Battle: Your target unbowed Personality challenges a target enemy Personality. Bow the loser. Destroy him if the last Battle action his owner took this battle destroyed one of your Personalities.

Though it started at the dawn of the Empire, the feud will never have a definitive answer.

Focus Value: 2

Common; 145 of 156

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