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[LotC Exclusive] A Line in the Sand Preview (Crude Daikyu)

July 19, 2014, by Legion

Once again, we are thankful to Seth Anthony and the AEG Team for allowing us to host a exclusive A Line in the Sand L5R expansion preview.

Enjoy the Crude Daikyu

Crude Daikyu

Crude Daikyu

Crude Daikyu

Chi: +0

GC: 3
Bow Two-Handed Expendable  Weapon

Battle, [Bow]: Range 3 Attack.

“True craftsmen are in rare supply in the Colonies. However, the archer’s skill is enough to compensate for poor work in some cases.” – Tsuruchi Taito

Focus Value: 2

Art by: Gong Studios
Uncommon; 93 of 156

A very straightforward card for those Range Attack decks. For the same cost as Tsuruchi Longbow, it cannot be destroyed to move the user home, but gets a +1 Range Strength and Expendable. Not a bad trade at all. It will probably be in line to replace the Longbow in some decks.

What do you think? Will it find a spot in your deck?

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One Response to A Line in the Sand Preview

I have mixed feelings about that card, but I’ll try it out. I will probably swap them out for my Spearmen. My worries lie in that it doesn’t give force bonus, and in mantis land, our ranged personalities dont have much force and we depend on our followers to pick up the slack.

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