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[An Official] Letter from the Lion Clan (The New Order)

October 27, 2014, by AEG

The following letter has been delivered to us in hopes that its contents would reach the Samurai of the Lion all throughout the Empire and beyond, be it in their Ancestral Homes or in the far reaches of the Colonies.

Samurai of Rokugan,

The forces of chaos are assaulting our beloved Empire. Cloaked in the disguise of progress, they hope to destroy our most honored traditions. They will fail, however. The Right Hand of the Empress will not allow these dissenters to threaten our way of life. We will seek them out them in Rokugan and in the Colonies. It is my hope that they can be shown the error of their ways, but if not, then we will take whatever steps are necessary.

Even now, the enemies of the Empire seek to question the birthright of Iweko Seiken. Even as dynasties rise and fall, the Celestial Heavens mandate that the throne must pass to the eldest as rightful heir. As lesser clans spread lies and half-truths about his fitness to lead, the Lion serve Seiken-sama without question. Where his enemies would seek to undermine his legitimacy, we will be there to show them the error of their ways.

The Lion do not stand alone, however. The Phoenix, ever among the most honorable among us, have struck a blow against the stain of moral relativism that the Colonies have spread even throughout Rokugan. Their discovery that gaijin blood is weak to moral corruption explains a number of the attacks the Empire has endured, and we will see that it does not threaten us further.

Let those who would oppose the legitimate heir come forth and be judged. Let them stand on the field of battle and lay their claim before the Right Hand of the Empress. We will meet them, and our righteous cause will guide our swords as we cleanse the Empire of its weakness.

This I promise.

Akodo Dairuko

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