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 The Crane Errata and the Kotei Season 

April 15, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Well one week after my last post the errata finally fell on Crane: The additional gold that the Stronghold produces can no longer be used in the Dynasty phase and the Sensei loses the bonus to Province Strength and the ability is limited to only Scouts. There has been much debate as to wherever or […]

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 Crane Winning Ivory 

April 2, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone! Been a bit of a wait since my last post. Work in real life began demanding a lot of my time and writing so I had to concentrate on that. I had a post already half written for my comeback but after playing this last weekend in the Sarasota Kotei it felt like […]

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 First Impressions – 2014 Kotei Event “Renewal” 

February 20, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone! We finally have an accounement made on the 2014 Kotei season. The full post by Dan Dineen can be found here: 2014 Kotei Season Storyline This is a very interesting concept. Instead of fighting for a story in particular we are instead participating more general events of the clans of Rokugan. We are […]

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 Storyline Improvements 

February 14, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone A few days ago the announcement of the release date of Ivory Edition was made official. We knew what the cards where before this point but actually knowing when the cards will get into your hands just makes it seems more real. To my surprise, however, I had no real reaction. I was […]

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 A Preliminary Look at Ivory Dragon 

February 7, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello once again everyone! I wanted to take a moment to share some of my views of the decks we have available to Dragon as we start Ivory edition. I have to put the disclaimer that all of these observations are based on my thoughts and talking to some friends. I have not had the […]

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 An Unenlightened Look at Hitomi’s Devotion 

January 22, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone! Well it is 2014 and I am back to posting on a weekly basis. Woo! This week I will be looking at my newest baby. The card “A Hitomi’s Devotion” which was the result of my victory in the 2012 Name a Spell Tournament in Aguadilla, PR. The first card that bore my […]

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