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[L5R CCG Tournament] Defend the Empire! (Special Strict Rules)

Special Winter Season L5R CCG Tournament Event!

Sensei and Apprentice Event

Teach a new player how to play, and we will reward both him and you!

The best New player will Receive 36 Boosters and his sensei will received the special Gen Con Exclusive pack ( includes playmat, box and 16 boosters).

To be considered an Apprentice a new player most have bought a starter deck and participated in at least 3 Draft Tournaments previous to the event. Additionally, Apprentices may not have played in a previous Kotei Tournament.

[Dis]honor Events

More information Coming soon

Event Data

Event Date: November 23, 2014
Location: Imperial Alliance
Ave. 65 de Infanteria, KM 11 Marginal 3, Carolina, PR


This Special L5R CCG Winter Tournament will run with FULL STRICT Rules.

Special Consideration: Only New print of Strict Legal Cards will be allowed, so plan accordingly.

5 responses to “Defend the Empire!”

  1. termo2090 says:

    Diablo como estoy es en noviembre y yo preguntando la hora me pase de bruto. Sorry.

  2. christopher says:

    Pero a que hora por hoy estoy libre por lo menos

  3. Lua Rol Lua Rol says:

    No, Paul se van a hacer drafts para eso mismo

  4. Paul Vallejo Paul Vallejo says:

    So mi aprendiz no podra jugar pq no a drafteado

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