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[Legion of the Coqui Presents:] Puerto Rico Kotei 2015 RPG Event (Shadows & Memories)

For the past year, you have lived the life of a Ronin. But ever since that day when your group woke up stranded at the beach with no memory of your past and most of your belongings lost at sea, you have had the feeling that you were meant for greatness.

Finally, the time to fulfill your destiny has come, but are you ready for the challenge?

Shadows & Memories continues the D'Jinn of Shadows storyline developed in the past L5R Tournaments in Puerto Rico.

Event Data

Event Date: May 31, 2015
Location: Imperial Alliance
Ave. Monserrate, Calle Tulipán AC-2, Carolina, PR
@ 18.406635, -65.972834


Cost: $5.00
Format: 4th Edition
Registration:  12:00 md
Start Time: 1:00 pm

Shadows & Memories will be run using the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game 4th Edition Rules.

Pre-made characters will be available but for a richer experience, players are urged to bring their own characters using the following character Generation Rules:

  • Characters must be Created using 75 points
  • The following advantages are not permitted:
    • Allies
    • Darling of the Court
    • Different School
    • Fame
    • Gentry
    • Great Destiny
    • Imperial Spouse
    • Inheritance
  • The following disadvantages are not permitted:
    • Dark Fate
    • Lord Moon’s Curse
    • Enlightened Madness
  • All characters receive the Social Disadvantage: Ronin disadvantage, but get no points from it.
  • Characters must choose one of the following two options (as presented on page 234 of the Core Rules Book) with the following modifications
    • Clan Ronin
      • May not choose a School with the Shugenja or Monk tags
      • Will only gain the First Rank of the chosen school
      • Will only start the game with a single item from the Starting Outfit
    • True Ronin, Option #1
      • True Ronin Characters may choose to start with the disadvantage: Bad Fortune: (Hears Voices) for 0 points.
      • Characters with Bad Fortune: (Hears Voices) may start with the following advantage: Inner Gift: (Void Sense) for 8 points.
  • All players must choose a single Clan or Ronin School to represent their forgotten memories. You may not choose an Imperial or Brotherhood School. If you played the previous adventures, you may choose your previous character’s school as your forgotten memories. Characters with a previous memory with the Shugenja or Monk tags must have the Bad Fortune: (Hears Voices) disadvantage.

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