Puerto Rico Kotei 2015 Side Events - LotC | Legion of the Coqui


[Legion of the Coqui Event:] Puerto Rico Kotei 2015 Side Events 

As always, we will have some Special Side events running before, during and after the Main CCG Event.

  • Speed Challenge: Prize for fastest reported game.
  • Wheel of the Fortunes: Answer a question correctly and gain a prize.
  • Iai of the Dice Tournament: A simple game based on the L5R RPG 4E Iaijutsu Dueling Rules.
  • Love Letter Table: Play the L5R Love Letter Game
  • Old Edition Suicide: Play a Round of Suicide with old expansions boosters

Event Data

Event Date: May 30, 2015
Location: Imperial Alliance
Ave. Monserrate, Calle Tulipán AC-2, Carolina, PR
@ 18.406635, -65.972834


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