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 Puerto Rico Kotei 2012 



For the fourth time, the Legion of the Coqui has been honored with the endeavor of running a Kotei in Puerto Rico. This year’s event will be held during the May 25th to 27th weekend in the Game Wizard Store.

This webpage will be the center for all information regarding both the tournament and the additional side events that we will be holding.

More Information will become available as we near the kotei date, so stay tuned.


Game Wizard Store
256 Americo Miranda Ave
San Juan, PR 00927
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The winner of the CCG tournament will select in which district his clan stakes a claim, as well as the hero making that claim (a legal, non unique Personality from his Clan), and may select from a list what treasure or mystery is of most interest to him. For more information, visit the official Age of Exploration webpage at l5r.com.


  • Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2012
  • Cost: $25.00
  • Format: 40/40 Emperor Edition (Constructed)
    Top Cut with Qualification by Standings
  • Registration: 9:00am – 10:00am
  • Start Time: 10:30am


More Information Coming Soon

  • Date: Sunday May 27, 2012
  • Cost: $6.00


  • Characters can be made by the player and entered in the Character Creation Contest (and will be accepted with a background story)
  • Pre made characters will be available.
  • Character Creation Rules:
    • Create a Character using the L5R 4E Basic Rules (40 Character Points)
    • You may not take more than 15 points in Disadvantages
    • You may use any of the following 4E books (Core, Enemies of the Empire, Emerald Empire, Great Clans)
    • Your Character must belong to any of the 9 Great Clans (Spider included), any of the existing Minor Clans, or be a Ronin (you cannot be a Brotherhood Monk, nor an Imperial)
    • The following Advantages cannot be taken:
      • Allies
      • Fame
      • Friend of the Brotherhood
      • Great Destiny
      • Imperial Spouse
      • Sacrosanct
      • Social Position
    • The following Disadvantages cannot be taken:
      • Dark Fate
      • Lord Moon’s Curse
      • Enlighten Madness
      • Shadowlands Taint
      • Social Disadvantage (unless given by being a Ronin)
    • You may not have Taint


Character Creation Contest

Jewel Chef: Rokugan

The winner of this event’s Honor Contest will determine the name for the location claimed by the CCG Tournament Winner. In this way, the winners of the event are encouraged to work together to develop the themes of each individual clan.


  • Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2012 (During Main CCG Event)
  • Basic Rules:Create a character using the 4E L5R RPG Character creation rules and provide a background story.
  • FanFiction:Read the fan-fiction setup for the Jewel Chef Tournament:
  • Character Creation Rules:
    1. You can use the following books:
      1. 4th ed Core Book
      2. The Great Clans
      3. Emerald Empire
      4. Enemies of the Empire
      5. Exception: You may include any custom-made or homebrew mechanic (spell, kata, kiho) so long as it is explained in the allotted space for your character’s background. These will be subject to additional scrutiny, so be careful.
    2. You have 40 character points to create your character
    3. You can have a maximum of 15 points in advantages
    4. You can only have a maximum of 10 points in disadvantages
    5. You must submit a character background explaining the following:
      1. How did s/he became a chef?
      2. Which team is s/he a member of: Jewel Chef Emerald (Empire) or Jewel Chef Ivory (Colonies)
      3. Why is s/he entering this tournament?
      4. Anything else you want us to know about your character.
    6. You cannot be an Imperial and must be a member of:
      1. one of the nine Great Clans
      2. any of the currently available Minor Clans
      3. Ronin
      4. Brotherhood of Shinsei
    7. The character background must have between 600 and 1200 words and fit in the two pages provided in the character sheet (see below).
    8. The character does not need to be of the clan you as a player are representing.
    9. You must use the secret ingredient as part of your character and his/her character background.
    10. Character must be submitted using the special character sheet (see below) which must be properly filled.
    11. Entries will be accepted on the day of the tournament and must be submitted before the lunch break.
    12. If it is possible use the pdf form (see below) to fill your character sheet.
  • Evaluation Criteria:
    1. Each judge will be awarding a total of 20 points
      1. 10 points for Taste
        1. How complex is the character?
        2. How do the advantages and disadvantages enhance the character?
        3. How is the character developed in the background?
        4. Is the character playable in a Campaign?
        5. Can s/he do something else besides cooking?
      2. 5 Ponts for Originality
        1. How was the secret ingredient integrated in the character?
        2. What makes the character a chef?
        3. How is the character’s place of origin (Colonies or Empire) represented in the writeup?
        4. How creative is the character concept?
        5. How was the secret ingredient used?
      3. 5 ponts for Presentation
        1. How well does the character sheet integrate with the background?
        2. What skills does the character have that makes him a chef?
        3. How well organized is the background?
        4. Was the background free of grammatical errors?
        5. Is the character background within the given word count range?
  • Character Sheet: You must use the Special Character Sheet Available here
  • But there is one more ingredient in this battle: our secret ingredient… the theme on which our chefs will offer us succulent variations… And the secret ingredient is: Tropical Fish


Speed Challenge

  • Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2012 (During Main CCG Event)
  • Details: Fastest game to be reported that did not end by one player conceding gets a prize.

Wheel of the Fortunes

  • Date: Saturday, May 26th, 2012 (During Main CCG Event)
  • Details: A randomly selected player will get the change to spin the wheel, test his luck and win additional prizes!


Pre-registration is now closed.


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