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 Magagame Points Updated 

September 1, 2010, by Legion

The Megagame unofficial point tally have been updated as of September 1st, including the points from the Turquoise Championship. It currently matches the Official tally at

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 Empire at War release date 

August 31, 2010, by Legion

Empire at War was announced with a release date of September 20th; with a legality date of October 15th. Check back here for information on Release tournaments as we get the information.

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 Sleeves will be required in Tournaments 

July 20, 2010, by Legion

AEG has announced a change in the Printer Company they use. As a result of this, and as a preventive measure based on the possible variance between cards; sleeves will be required for any tournament starting with the Imperial Gift’s legality date.

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