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 A Mysterious Monk 

September 2, 2010, by LotC Website LotC

Rumors are spreading along the Empire of a mysterious monk, calling himself a representative of the Order of Odoshi, traveling through Rokugan and seeking audience with all the Clan Champions. At the moment, no further information is available, but rest assured that we will be updating you with the newest information as soon as we […]

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 Legion of the Coqui – Part I : An Island 

February 17, 2009, by LotC Website LotC

Year 370 of the Isawa Calendar, somewhere in the south-eastern coast of Rokugan. The air kami danced freely around his hands as the old Shugenja stared mindlessly at the distance. His green vest was moving wildly with a non existing wind; his eyes covered with a white mist as he performed this new ritual that […]

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