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 2013 Gencon Winning Deck (Imperial Faceless Honor)

August 22, 2013, by Legion

Player: Tom Kirchgesner The deck that won this year’s World Championship was posted at the Alderac Forums with a full description on how the deck was conceived an how it runs. Head over there for the details, but if you just want to see the deck and what each card does, here is the full […]

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 The Legion at GenCon 2012 (RPG Session: Test of the Brotherhood)

June 8, 2012, by Legion

The Legion of the Coqui will be invading GenCon… (or at least 2 of us are going to be there), and we are bringing the brotherhood with us (well, the Test of the Brotherhood, that is). So, if you missed the chance to play in our special November 2011 RPG Session, here’s your chance to […]

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 Megagame Status Updated 

August 10, 2010, by Legion

The Megagame Points have been updated based on the GenCon recap post at At this point, the results from the July Honor Event (Photo Contest) have not been made public. I will include them as soon as they are available. As an aside; there seems to be a minor discrepancy between my accounts and […]

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