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 Crane Winning Ivory 

April 2, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone! Been a bit of a wait since my last post. Work in real life began demanding a lot of my time and writing so I had to concentrate on that. I had a post already half written for my comeback but after playing this last weekend in the Sarasota Kotei it felt like […]

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 First Impressions – 2014 Kotei Event “Renewal” 

February 20, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone! We finally have an accounement made on the 2014 Kotei season. The full post by Dan Dineen can be found here: 2014 Kotei Season Storyline This is a very interesting concept. Instead of fighting for a story in particular we are instead participating more general events of the clans of Rokugan. We are […]

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 2013 PR Kotei Winner Deck (Shinden Asahina Turbo Honor)

May 14, 2013, by Legion

Player: Wilfredo A. Rosaly Wilfredo has posted his 2013 PR Kotei Winner Decklist at the Home of the Crane Clan, and we have a copy of his report here. Be sure to head to the Crane lands to participate in the discussion. This deck is based on last year’s turbo honor deck it has a […]

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[LotC 5th Anniversary Celebration] 5-Day Question Five (5-Day Countdown Quiz)

May 10, 2013, by Legion

Here is today’s Question. The First Person to answer correctly (via a comment below) wins: a 1 Year Subscription to the Imperial Assembly and the Question is: Throughout the years, we have tried to expand the game as much as possible, which resulted in running different events in different locations around the Island. Name at […]

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