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 Puerto Rico Kotei Week (5-Day Countdown Quiz!)

May 6, 2013, by Legion

It’s time to start the Celebration… …of the Fifth Anniversary of the Legion of the Coqui. This Saturday, May 11th, we celebrate the Fifth Annual Puerto Rico Kotei; but that is only the beginning of our Celebration! For Five Year we have brought the Puerto Rican Community of Legion of the Five Rings the events […]

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 We got Dice! 

April 28, 2011, by Tensei
Coqui Dice

The Legion of the Coqui Dice have arrived! And they look awesome! We will be giving away some of these dice as participation prize during our 2011 PR Kotei, mainly for those playing in the RPG Event; but we will also have some available for those wanting to buy a full set!  

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 New Forum System 

January 17, 2011, by Legion

The new simpler forum system is now online. I have taken the time to import most of the discussions from the old system, as well as all the users. You can now use your forum login to leave comments on the main page without the need to create a different account. Checkout the full information […]

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 The Legion of the Coqui in 2011 

January 10, 2011, by Tensei

Greetings all! With the end of the Empire’s Glory Megagame and the beginning of the upcoming Kotei Season, together with the increase of players in the Cabo Rojo area; we are one again coming into an exciting new era for L5R in Puerto Rico. With that in mind, lets grab 2011 by the horns and […]

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 More Puerto Rican Representation! 

September 30, 2010, by Legion

Puerto Rican Players keep showing the world that we are part of the L5R Community! This time Yokubo Tensei (Angel) achieved Fourth Place in the August Honor Event: 2010 Canon Character Write-in

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 Puerto Rico Representing! 

August 23, 2010, by Legion

Congratulations to our local Hitomi for his 4th place in the L5R July Honor Event. The Dragon are taking over the Island! http://www.l5r.com/events/july-honor-contest-results/

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 Legion of the Coqui – Glimpses – For my Father! 

June 17, 2009, by Legion

Read Part I here  • Read Part II here The ritual lasted for hours, and during those hours Kato could feel the kami moving around the Island, concealing its secrets from the scouting ships. The air kami danced around the Island, obscuring their vision with a dense mist. The water kami moved the waves, […]

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