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 Curse of the Dark Dragon (AKA Real Life Strikes Again)

January 24, 2012, by Hitomi Shujyo

Well, here we are again. Another week where I should be posting another update to my Dark Dragon posts and another delay. Last time was due to me being overwhelmed by finals week and, unfortunately, this time was much harder. Last Monday my grandfather took quiet the nasty fall which resulted in him being in […]

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 Oni no Real Life ( AKA Change Of Plans)

December 20, 2011, by Hitomi Shujyo

Whose bright idea was it to have the second week of my analysis of the alternate history of Hidden Emperor be my finals week where I need to correct everything and turn in final grades!? Oh wait… that would be me. Damn. Well, I have had absolutely no time to sleep let alone finish my […]

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