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 Storyline Improvements 

February 14, 2014, by Hitomi Shujyo

Hello everyone A few days ago the announcement of the release date of Ivory Edition was made official. We knew what the cards where before this point but actually knowing when the cards will get into your hands just makes it seems more real. To my surprise, however, I had no real reaction. I was […]

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 A Life in Moments (Seppuku and the RPG )

September 14, 2013, by Hitomi Shujyo

Last week a fiction was published titled A Life in Moments. It was not the best seppuku story ever (my vote for that still goes to the death of Matsu Tsuko) but it was the most interesting in many ways. The story seems typical enough, Akodo Tsanuko wishes to clear her family of dishonor by […]

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 PR Kotei Results’ Story 

May 30, 2011, by Legion

The Destroyer War, part 12 is now live, and includes the results of the 2011 PR Kotei: The destruction of Remote Village and Shosuro Nishu’s actions there. It also introduces a new villain among the Destroyer’s ranks. Who might this villain be?

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